about saya


I’m Saya. I dance, I sing and I used to move house and country but now I’m sticking around home for a spell, though recently the desire to live in New York has been kindled - by what I’m not sure. I like the word “synthesis” and also, “syncretic.” Nary an hour passes without me thinking about food. I swear a lot, a relic of the days I worked with boys, in kitchens. Sometimes I try and swear less but then I forget, then I realise and I worry that my friends will stop inviting me over lest their offspring’s speech comes to resemble a sailor’s. I guess I’ll always be the sweary aunt though and that’s ok, I’ll never be a mother; I don’t have it in me. I love lists of all sorts and so I love Shonagon’s Pillow Book. I once ate squirrel, it was pretty stringy. I miss the places I lived before, especially Japan and my people there and how it’s well nigh impossible to get a bad meal. I’m pedantic about spelling and grammar but I like it when people who know the rules break them, elegantly. I wish that New Zealand was more like it is in the ads - unpolluted and without income inequality the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - but this is where my brother, Team and Gaggle are and where you can walk down the street and imagine you’re at a mini-UN conference there’s so many different faces, at least in Auckland. I forget the title and often the content of everything I read a minute after I’ve read it, maybe because I read at the speed of light, so I keep a record on Goodreads. I have freckles. If you play drum and bass where I can hear it, I’ll react like a wire that has electricity passed through it. I love small spaces. If I never saw snow again, I wouldn’t mind; I like to be so hot that beads of sweat form and roll down my skin without me having to move, and that’s why sometimes I daydream about living in Thailand again. I almost always know what I don’t want, but knowing what I do want is harder to access. I'm working on recognising my gut feelings. I used to reminisce about the places I lived and the food I cooked and ate there at Sasasunakku but I started to feel hemmed in by the format of that blog. I’m articulate on paper, less so in person. Living away from the coast is anathema to me. My favourite colour is green and I like cats even though I am allergic to them.